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16th May 2018

Pest Control Chorley

I was born in Adlington near Chorley and have been brought up in the area. I probably safe to say that I know the area and the issues caused by pests throughout Chorley and its surrounding areas as well or better than any other local pest controller. There is hardly a street in the Chorley area where I havnt at some time or other been asked to deal with a pest problem. As a young boy (with a father who undertook pest control in the area, both as a pest controller for British Rail and later working for himself) I would often be dispatched on my push bike to all corners of the Chorley district to undertake various pest control duties.

The Health and Safety officials of today would most definitely not of been impressed as I undertook various jobs, dealing with moles and rats on farms far and wide! Luckily no harm came of my boyhood exploits and today I retain a good reputation within the area. Though now my business is conducted on a more professional basis! ….and I’m yet to send young Jack and Harry, my sons, out to earn their keep doing Pest Control in Chorley! They have both shown a keen interest though so who knows what the future may hold! I am very much hoping they will eventually take over and allow me to retire to the easy jobs!

Chorley Pest Problems.

Most of my work in the district comes from word of mouth and its not often I need to advertise. I regularly help local businesses with pest problems, even if it is just a case of free advice on keeping businesses  in good order there premises proofed from potential problems. If you visit any shops or offices on Chorley’s Market Street then it’s quite likely I have been called out there or in the property next door.

Over the years I have visited most of the Domestic areas in Chorley and every Commercial area! From the center of Chorey up a ladder dealing with a wasps nest and looking down on the shoppers below or rats in local stables and farms I have seen it all. When I eat out in the area or visit local pubs for the evening, it is often in places that I have visited in my capacity as a pest controller. I have many times called at local pubs in the early hours of the morning when the last customer has left to deal with an unwelcome rodent. Often returning first thing the next day to complete the task, customers and Chorley residents unaware that a problem even existed. Indeed this is one of the things that attracted me to being a pest controller. When I was younger and I visited pubs and shops before they opened or we went to do a job on the train station after the last train had passed for the night. I would see my father discussing his work with security guards or transport police and I knew I wanted to follow in his footsteps. I still feel very privilege. to be given the trust and responsibility of keeping my local areas safe and pest free.


Rats, Mice and Insect Control in Chorley.

If you speak to the traders and early morning workers around Chorley you will often hear about their experiences of seeing rats in the streets. I first became aware of this when as a youngster my good friend had a paper round in the town. He would often say that he saw rats in the early mornings. I later saw this for myself when I got a milk round in Chorley. Speaking to Chorley Market traders is also one of the ways I monitor rat activity in the area.  I’m not trying to say Chorley has a problem with Rats and Rodents that is worse than anywhere else though….in fact Chorley has less issues than many of our neighbouring towns. All areas will at times have issues with rodents both localised or at times, over a wider area. Should you be experiencing any problems at all I believe I can offer you a Pest Control service that is second to none. Both in terms of location and experience, to deal with any pest related problems the people of Chorley may suffer from. Indeed should you find yourself face to face with a rat, mouse or wasp nest you can be certain that I am in the local area and ready to answer your call. I have in the past dealt with rats on Pall Mall in Chorley, swarms of bee’s on Eaves Lane and mice in pubs within sight of Chorley’s town hall! So don’t be afraid to call, even just for a bit of advice, I have most definitely dealt with it all before at one time or another!


For all pest control  in Chorley and sourrounding villages, call Ian on 07821318954

Take a look at some of the common pests and the problems that they cause that I have been contracted to control throughout Chorley in the past.

Over the years I haven’t done many bedbug calls in the Chorley area but recently I have seen a number of infestations, indeed I have treated more bedbugs in Chorley in the last 3 months that throughout my entire career! I don’t know why this has been as all the cases were unrelated to each other, I guess its just the way it goes!

Please remember if you do find or suspect bedbug infestations please don’t remove anything from the bedroom until a professional has been to advise you, as you may spread insects through your home. I don’t charge to come out and have a look and give advice so give me a call and have a chat first. Even if I cant help I will give you the right advice so you don’t get ripped off elsewhere. I enjoy doing Pest Control in Chorley, it is after all my home town so I will do my best to solve you problem quickly and economically.