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16th May 2018

Pest Control Bolton

Driving around Bolton I will often bore any passengers in my van with tales of Pest Control and Pest Issues I have dealt with on almost every road in Bolton. I am normally within an hour of any call outs in Bolton, we are always able to deal with Pest Emergencies and on hand for any follow ups you may need. We use an un-marked van for all domestic call-outs and also for businesses that would prefer the more discreet approach.

Bolton is our local area, indeed I would be sent all over Bolton on foot, by push bike and even on the bus to undertake pest control jobs as a teenager! My father did pest control in Bolton so I was often dispatched to check mole traps, mouse baits and insect monitors to every corner of Bolton.

Bolton Pest Control
Asking Fred if he has any pest issues.

When you cover an area for such a long time you begin to build up a picture of problem areas and how weather and seasons effect them. For instance the area around Waters Meeting and The Valley Business Park will often seen an increase in rat activity when there is high rain fall. This is when rodents are pushed out of there river bank homes with rising water levels.

Bolton Pest Control Areas

I cover the main townships of the Bolton area, and living in the area I am able to respond to any emergency call outs within the hour please reference the urgency in the contact form on the right, or in your enquiry. The wards that I cover in Bolton that I have recently done work in inculde:

  • Blackrod
  • Farnworth
  • Horwich
  • Kearsley
  • Little Lever
  • South Turton
  • Westhoughton

I also cover all other districts within the Bolton borough including

  • Egerton
  • Smithills
  • Last Drop Village
  • Barrow Bridge
  • Middlebrook
  • Bradshaw

Local To Bolton Pest Control Specialist

As a local pest controller I know all the different potential pest problems in and around the Bolton area. Helping quickly resolve your pest problem by diagnosing the species and root cause of your pest and expertly proofing your home or business.  Safeguarding against future pest problems.

In many areas of Bolton, especially where there is a lot of waste food, pests will always be attracted to that area. This can be managed by an efficient waste control system and regular pest control and prevention techniques. This is a service I can offer as and when its needed, or on a rolling monthly or annual contract, so you can be assured your business will remain pest free and help hugely towards keeping a clean and hygienic working area.

AREA PEST UPDATE-  Dec 2020. We are now dealing with rats everywhere! Construction continues across many areas of Bolton so rats are being pushed into many gardens and sheds. Interesting that Bolton Council Pest Control is taking upto 8 weeks to attend rat calls!

– Its interesting to note that Bolton Council are now charging for wasp nest removal….£55!!!!

For all Pest Control issues in the Bolton area Call Ian Smith 07821 318954