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12th November 2019

Rats In Wall Cavaties I often get calls asking me to deal with rats in lofts and wall cavities. It

10th November 2015

As we fly through November at a terrific speed (does time speed up or is it just because we are

Its been busy as expected recently, cold weather has pushed plenty of rats and mice indoors and certain insects have

14th August 2014

If the bumper wasp season hasn’t materialised then the flea infestations have certainly made up for it and it has,

19th July 2014

Well at this time of year that is what we should be doing…..wasp busting in Bolton and the rest of

Seasonal Pest Control If there is one thing that has struck me about pest control over the last few years

25th June 2014

If you are having any problems with Wasps or Wasps nests please get in touch, either via the contact form

17th April 2014

If I had a pound for every home I attend where I find the homeowner has invested money in electric

18th March 2014

Well its been a funny old year, we all sat waiting for the snow and it never came (still time

23rd January 2014

Winter is now upon us and although the weather has been quite mild we have still seen the usual seasonal